On-Campus each Sunday @ 11am


The purpose of Life Groups is to create an environment where deep relationships with other believers can be formed, nurtured, and maintained.  We will seek to form these relationships through prayer, spiritual conversations, and fellowship.  Deeper relationships with one another will provide fertile ground for spiritual growth, church growth, and greater accountability.


Groups will consist of either single-gender or mix-gender groups of 10-12 persons. Groups will meet weekly at the church immediately following the Sunday morning worship service. Our expectation is that every group will be led by an individual or family that demonstrates the qualities of a growing follower of Christ as defined by our Discipleship Pathway (Gather, Grow, Give, Go). These groups require limited preparation by the leader(s) and no preparation for the participants. 


Prayer: Prayer is one of the best things your group can do to grow together, building deeper relationships, and minister to one another.  Life Groups take time to pray for the needs of group members, pray for our church, pray for the lost, and pray that God will use the discussion time to deepen our faith and call us to action for His kingdom.
Spiritual Conversations: This is our group discussion time.  To guide the discussion, group leaders engage the group with a short list of discussion questions related to the Sunday morning sermon.  The purpose of these conversations is to unpack how the sermon’s message will impact our life (now and in the future).  
Fellowship: Life Groups allow time for social conversations during and schedule times to meet with one another away from the church periodically. With these groups ending at noon-ish, monthly group lunch gatherings are common.